During these troubling times, Hired Hands Group has been proactive in keeping up to date with the latest protocols set in place to keep everyone healthy and safe. With the ongoing changes to the essential workers list, Ontario has designated Pest Control Exterminators as essential which means that we are starting our season as planned.

Although our company prides itself on making lawns and landscapes look their best, there is also a health and safety benefit that goes along with that. We are considered a landscape extermination company which specializes in the management of pests (i.e. weeds, grub, etc.) and strictly follow the Integrated Pest Management guidelines. By controlling these pests we are also preventing future damage to your turf that could be costly.

Our irrigation maintenance services will remain open to ensure there are no leaks causing potential damage to our homeowners properties if not addressed. We will also provide proper watering schedules to conserve the use of water and maintain a healthy landscape.

All of our "Non-Essential" services will be suspended until further notice. This list includes:

  • Irrigation installations
  • Sod replacement/installation
  • Landscape Lighting installation for cosmetic purposes
  • Lawn restorations (case by case basis)

We will continue to provide quotes for clients who are interested in these services but will have not be able to set a concrete date until they are deemed "essential". We will also consult with you remotely and provide any other information that you may need about these services.

Through this, our number one priority is to keep our staff and clients healthy and safe. Our crew members will be provided with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) i.e. gloves, goggles, etc..) and will continue to be diligent on keeping our vehicles and equipment properly sanitized. They will also be assigned to their own vehicles with different start and end times to follow the social distancing protocols.

Our usual method of leaving behind driver's cards after we have visited your property will no longer be a part of our procedure during this time. We would like for our clients who have not provided us an email to do so, so we can notify everyone by email the services that have been done at your property along with any special instructions. All quotes and assessments will be done through email or phone to eliminate any direct contact with our clients.

Lastly, we would our clients and other community members to know that we take these matters seriously and will proceed with great caution. Our team has been taking the proper measures to ensure we are part of the solution and not the problem. We are all in this together!

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Carlos Maiato
Hired Hands Group Inc