Irrigation Systems

Having an irrigation system gives you the advantage of watering regularly and efficiently and ultimately defying the harsh elements summer. With a custom designed irrigation system, you can be sure that all your watering needs are met. If you have an existing system, we will maintain and/or improve with high quality products from the leading irrigation manufacturers. If you have problems with your current system, then we can diagnose the issue and come up with the best solution to have your system functioning properly.


Our Packages

Our number one goal is to create 100% client satisfaction with premium irrigation services. Our knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff will be there to address any irrigation needs that you may have. Our competitive pricing along with client care will leave you feeling confident in choosing us as your irrigation professionals.

If you already have an existing irrigation system then you know that like everything in life, it needs a little TLC once in a while. Whether it's a full re-vamp of a system, or just a problem with the timers scheduling, our technicians are experienced and have the know how to get the job done. Spring opening and Fall closing packages are available with a great discount.

Spring Opening which includes a thorough inspection for damages and/or improvements, sprinkler head adjustment, and creating a custom watering schedule for your controller.

Fall Closing which includes the system's water supply to be closed off from the source, all lines to be blown out using air with an industrial grade compressor, and all electronics to be disabled.

We also offer a Summer Service which can be added to your package. This includes another walk through of the system, to ensure no damages have occurred between the summer and time of opening. We also make adjustments to the heads or controller if needed.
Much like fertilizer, water is a vital part of your lawns health. A lawn likes 1" of water a week, every week. Let us install a water, time, and turf saving irrigation systems at your home or business today. With over 10 years of experience in the commercial and residential irrigation industry our team can provide you with a top of the line system at an affordable price.

Our Portfolio


At Hired Rain we are a Hunter and Rainbird preferred contractor and specialize in their products. However we offer a wide selection of product lines to our clients to ensure you receive the right fit for your irrigation system.