Landscape Maintenance

Hired Hands Group offers extensive landscape maintenance programs. We maintain residential and commerical lawn areas, gardens, trees, bushes and more. To ensure your property always looks its best, we suggest having your property serviced on a weekly basis. Our maintenance experts will offer advice on additional plantings, lawn restoration and other landscaping. We work hand in hand with our Lawn Care and irrigation divisions to ensure your property receives the ultimate care.


Our Packages

Our expert team will provide pro-active advice on how to improve the appearance and health of your property. With our extensive packages and knowledgeable team our clients can feel confident that their property will be taken care of by professionals who want your property to always be in its best condition – we guarantee it.

Our weekly maintenance package includes: Weeded, edged, and cultivated gardens, pruning and deadheading of plants and treea when needed, and leave clean up. Our crew will clear all debris from the property and dispose of it.


Spring & Fall Cleanup

Give your property a healthy start with our Spring Clean-up package which helps ensure your landscape is looking fresh and tidy and is primed for optimal growth during the summer season. Our Fall clean-up prepares your lawn for when the cooler weather returns. We make sure your lawns and gardens are properly prepared to help plants withstand extreme cold weather which promotes healthy growth for the following season. We will also hedge and trim back your plants so your property is maintained and tidy through-out the winter.

Weekly Lawn Cutting & Hard Surface Edging

Our cutting division are experienced and have extensive knowledge in maintaining the health of your lawn. We always cut at a minimum of 3” during every visit and we never edge on at 45 degree angle. Most other cutting companies will edge at 45 degrees but we believe it is necessary to edge at 90 degrees for optimum turf health. We insist on edging at a clean 90 degrees around curbs, driveways and flower beds to ensure that the crown of the grass is never exposed minimizing the stress on the grass.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Regular maintenance for hedges and shrubs is important to the overall aesthetic of your property. We keep your bushes and shrubs neatly trimmed, healthy and artistically pruned. If your bushes are overgrown, we will make sure they are trimmed and grow at a manageable size while maintaining a natural shape.

Garden Bed Maintenance

Clean, well-landscaped garden beds enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home, but only if you keep up on it. Maintaining flower beds is an ongoing commitment and our team will not only keep your garden beds free of weeds but we will ensure the flower and shrubs look full and lush on a weekly basis.

Flower Bed Design & Installation

When designing and installing landscape garden beds it is imperative to consider all existing environmental conditions present on your property such as shade and sunlight. Our design team will analyze your property and determine the best custom garden design. When creating a landscape plan it is important to include plantings that will enhance your property in all four seasons. Using a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs and a nice mix of perennial flowers is critical in maintaining a pleasant visual of your property year-round.

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