What is Humic Acid?

Thanks to the unparalleled richness in humic acid, Black Earth Humalite promotes the growth of root structures, bolster the mass of plants and improve the overall health of turf. It also give turf a deeper colour and a thicker, lusher feel…exactly what people look for as signs of top-quality turf.

Humic acid has a uniquely potent ability to bind nutrients in your soil, making them more available for plants and the microorganisms that support soil health. Humic acid also improve soil texture and its capacity to retain moisture.

Lawn Tips

We provide helpful tips and answer any questions to help care for your lawn. The most important part of taking care of your lawn is knowing how to. Our team will acheive the health and maintenance required for your lawn as well as go above and beyond by educating our clients on how to help keep their lawn looking healthy and maintained. Let Hired Hands give you helpful tips to help maintain your lawn.

1. The key is to mow high

2 ½" to 3" is the optimal height for a healthy lawn.

2. Never cut more then 1/3 of the grass blade

Cutting anymore puts serious stress on the lawn.

3. Keep your mower blades SHARP!

Sharpening the blade at least once per year at the very minimum helps with a clean cut and again reduces stress on the lawn.

4. Water, Water, Water!

1" of water per week is the ideal amount for lawns. This varies depending on the soil type, slope, and weather among other things, but 1" is a good starting point. If you have an irrigation system, your irrigation contractor should have you set up for around this mark. If you need rain gauges just ask and we can help you out.

5. Try not to water during the day

Watering during high heat and sun, puts extra, unneeded stress on the lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer all of your questions prior to servicing your lawn.

1. Fertilizing

Fertilizing brings essential nutrients to the plants that are needed to keep your lawn healthy. A hungry lawn is an un-healthy lawn.
Organic fertilizers are made up of natural products such as compost. This encourages healthy soil and root development as well as bringing the needed nutrients to the lawn. Synthetic fertilizers are manmade, chemically enhanced fertilizers that are bred for a specific reason. You can get these in slow or quick release with almost any balance of NPK (nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium).
We recommend fertilizing at least 3 times a year: spring, summer, fall.
Yes, our fertilizers are very safe for both children and pets. If you are still sceptical you can ask about our 100% organic program.
No, our fertilizer does not need to be watered in. It is specially designed to not burn or hurt your grass even in the hottest of weather.
Yes, you can cut and rake your lawn immediately after we fertilize. The small pellets are impossible to pick up with your mower or rake.

2. Weed Control

No, not only will it not help the weed control; it will negatively affect it.
Yes, once the area that we sprayed is dry, children and pets can re-enter the treated area. Fiesta organic weed control is very safe for human, animals, and the environment.
You will start to see noticeable results within 24 to 48 hours after every treatment.
Fiesta has a three hours drying window, therefore if it has rained within the three hours after application, you may not see as noticeable results. Please call the office in this case and we will be happy to do a re-spray.
You must wait at least three hours after any weed control application to your lawn.
If you notice any weed re-growth or spots missed, please contact our office and we will gladly come re-spray your lawn.

3. Core Aeration

Dependant on the environment of your lawn the cores will take about one to two weeks to break down.
The cores holes will fill in within two weeks of being broken down.
Yes. You can mow your lawn immediately after Aeration.
  • It allows increased air, water and nutrients into the soil
  • Helps root growth
  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Removes undesirable thatch
You must wait at least three hours after any weed control application to your lawn.
If you notice any weed re-growth or spots missed, please contact our office and we will gladly come re-spray your lawn.

4. Compost/Over Seed

  • Increases moisture and nutrient holding capacity
  • Adds micro-organisms that help decompose and break down undesirable thatch
  • It is 100% weed free
Fall is the best time to over seed, due to the warm soil temperatures and cooler wet days.

4. Lawn Sprinklers

Yes, Irrigation systems do use a lot of water if not installed or set up properly. At Hired Rain Irrigation Contractors we strive to design or modify your system to run at its highest effiency with the least water consumption. By properly saturating your landscape you promote healthy plant life without over watering. This cuts down on unnecessary water consumption and is more eco-friendly.
There is no practical use for irrigation systems in the winter months. Hired Rain Irrigation Contractors will glady schedule a winterization in the fall season to avoid freezing or cracking in the pipes.
Most sprinkler heads are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVC) and can become damaged. Hired Rain Irrigation Contractors provides you with prompt service and affordable prices to get your system up and running as soon as possible. If it is an emergency we will make sure that you receive same day service.
We want our customers to be as comfortable as possible with their systems. After we install or service your irrigation system we teach you the basics of how to operate your controller. We want our customers to know how to change the times of operation, days of operation, and amount of precipitation. By doing this, our clients dont have to pay for a service call for minor changes.
No. If there is a suffient amount of precipitation your system may not be needed. If this is the case, then your system should be manually deactivated if it is not equipped with a rain sensor. Luckily, if you get an irrigation installation with us, we provide you with a free rain sensor.
Most residential installations can be completed in one day. We always have a plan ready for each property so we waste no time in getting to work. Being ready for each part of the installation is part of the reason we are able to finish in a timely fashion. From pre-making the manifolds, to having each sprinkler head ready, we are always prepared. Commercial applications usually take longer due to the size of the projects.
Whenever we install a system on grass we always make sure to bring some extra seed. We do this because although we try not to damage the roots, sometimes it happens. For this reason we overseed with some soil and high quality seed over the areas that we have disrupted. In your garden beds we use a thin trenching shovel to ensure no damage to your plants.

4. General Questions

Thatch is a layer of grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris that settle on the ground and either slowly decompose and/or accumulate over time. Thatch build up is commonly found in lawns where grass has grown tall, and lawns that have never been aerated.
Chinch bugs are a destructive lawn pest in Ontario. Chinch bug damage has become a common home lawn problem. Many lawns are only partially damaged, but in severe cases, the entire lawn can be damaged to such an extent that it must be entirely renovated.
Grubs, the term given to larvae of scarab beetles, are frequently found feeding on the roots of turf and pasture grasses. Damage caused by white grubs initially resembles drought stress. As grub feeding continues, areas of turf (sod) begin to wilt and turn brown.
In this case, we will put a note in your file telling the technician to call the night before the application so you can leave the gate unlocked. Or if it is a lock with a combo you can give it to us and we can let ourselves in.
No, our technicians do not require you to be home during the application, but if you are, feel free to come out and ask any questions you may have. We always leave a driver’s card detailing what we did during our visit, and if needed, anything that we should be doing.